Friday, June 1, 2012

Working With The Best

I began my career in fashion as a ready-to-wear designer and I'm really happy to have been given the opportunity to do a collaboration with Kashieca. Designing off the rack clothes means thinking ahead of the consumer, making clothes they never knew they needed, clothes that would compliment what they have in their closets. It is a challenge much different from doing made-to-measure clothes where you only have to please one client at a time.
For my Kashieca 2012 collection, I made easy pieces inspired by Paul Poiret's pre-World War I confections. One popular piece is a three-way skirt/pants in jersey that can be also worn as a dress.
Starring as muse for this collection is the beautiful Carla Abellana, granddaughter of one of my favorite movie stars from the 60s, Delia Razon. For the photo shoot, it was a dream team! Photography by Paolo Pineda, make up by Juan Sarte and styling by LA Consing Lopez.
Many thanks to Monsieur Ben Chan for believing in my talent.

Ace photographer, Paolo Pineda

Maquillage Master Juan Sarte

Clean and elegant styling by LA Consing Lopez

Big moral support from Rey Lanada.

Classic beauty, Carla Abellana

Here are some of the final images from our photo shoot, multiple JCs designing for every woman. Cheers!

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