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The Makati Garden Club Visits Ito Curata

It was officially summer in Manila, the ladies of the Makati Garden Club has brought out their pretty picture hats on the day of our appointed visit to fashion designer Ito Curata's Italian style villa, south of the metropolis. The garden club has been visiting beautiful homes and gardens, broadening their knowledge of horticulture. One of their recent trips was to Gawad Kalinga's Enchanted Farm, upon my suggestion to Tita Marilou Laurena. She and the other members were so happy with the excursion that they asked me again to recommend other places to visit. For their southern route, my fellow Batangueno and kumpadre, Ito happily welcomed us to his elegant abode. Two hours were not enough to savor the art and family love of Ito's home. We were also met by his life partner Bob Miller who never fails to amaze me with his positive insights about life. Their son Taj wowed the ladies, politely conversing and helping entertain. Ito's lovely mother who just had an eye procedure…

Love At First Bite

It was love at first bite. I became a fan of Kitchen's Best upon experiencing a box of their Purple Yam Cake and my love grew from cake to cake to their savory dishes. Holy Monday, I brought my good friend Johann and his girlfriend Madelaine to the patisserie for dinner and surprised them with my huge photo holding the yam cake hanging on its wall. We started with a good laugh and spinach phyllos, light and savory to perk up our already perky appetites. We had soup next, Madelaine ordered onion while Johann and I went for the pumpkin. For our entrees, we had baked salmon, roast beef, and chicken with chorizo which was quite similar to my mother's home cooked Kulob na Manok. The best part of course was dessert, banana toffee pie, lemon torte and the turtle pie that explodes with all the chocolate goodness in your mouth. After, we decided to walk three blocks to Bonifacio High Street to burn the calories and laugh a little more.

Fluid Architecture

I've always been fascinated how Barba dresses can be so simple yet different, seemingly complicated in construction yet very easy to wear. Sheath dresses that have sheer backs or draped capes. Skirts that reveal a different shape when the wearer moves or hems with three dimensional blooms. His summer 2013 collection of bisque and black numbers are just that, architectural yet fluid, modern yet romantic. Clothes to love and fall in love in.

BARBA, Summer 2013   available at BARBA, The Filipino Zone, Greenbelt 5
Model:          Veronica de Castro Image: Lonliwen Fotografia Maquilleuse:  Yami Parungao Shot at:        Toti Parcero Studio

Dedon Island Cuisine

Two weeks before our trip to Dedon Island, I was juicing celery, cucumber, carrots and Granny Smith apples. It was a choice between getting cross eyed from hunger or looking like I'm about to give birth on the beach. With some success, I was able to fit into my old board shorts. As soon as we got to our Dedon Jeepney from Sayak Airport, we got a taste of what to expect from our four day holiday. Dried coconuts, mangoes and pineapples were served on the twenty minute drive to the resort. Water was kept cool in stainless steel bottles, really neat. After settling down in our villas, we all met at the pavilion where we ravenously feasted on chicken burgers, vegetable sandwiches and French fries. Oh, how long have I not eaten French fries! Each meal was beautifully presented in unique shaped plates and each dish has a charming story. It was good to know that they grow their own herbs and vegetables. We learned as well that the resident chef has recruited a number of local fishermen to ma…