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Healing A Burnout

burn·out ˈbərnˌout noun 1.  the reduction of a fuel or substance to nothing through use or combustion. "good carbon burnout" 2.  physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. "high levels of professionalism that may result in burnout"

One beautiful wedding after another, December and January are Manila's wedding-est season. As the radiant bride marches down the aisle, I head back to the atelier to check on the next batch of bridal gown and bride's maids' dresses, each beaded neckline, each hem fold. I've already cut back on accepting orders as age has been catching up on me, but my obsession for the perfect fit and fall of a dress has kept me glued to the workshop till Dr. Love signs off on the radio. I've postponed going back to the gym and I've rewarded myself with food after my work hours. In a wink, I've become overweight, my clothes wouldn't fit me and I dread going to events because dressing up has become a contact sport…