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Swatch + Art + Fashion

As a nation grows, so does art and culture. Philippine Daily Inquirer's Thelma San Juan and Swatch Philippines' Virgie Ramos through thick and thin have supported art and fashion, rallying behind artists and designers. Last night, these two hardworking women launched an exhibit celebrating art, fashion, and Swatch Philippines' 25 years at the new Swatch & Swatch building in Makati. Dresses inspired by Ben Cab's Sabel, giant photographs and installations were brilliantly curated by production designer Gino Gonzales, transporting you to a beautiful realm of light, opulent fabrics, and beauty.
Fashion and art connoisseurs, students and designers shouldn't miss this exhibit, open to the public from 16 December 2014 to 15 January 2015 at the Swatch & Swatch, 418, Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City.

Beautiful And Useful Little Things

If you're an Audrey Hepburn fan, if you're into shabby chic, if you were Parisian in your past life (take those Facebook tests to find out), or if you simply like pretty little things that have good use, I may have found a piece of heaven for you.
I was half an hour early in Trinoma mall for a lunch meeting and found these two little stores next to each other that has little home decors and chic accessories to jazz up your year old wardrobes. Chinese bowls for a scoop of ice cream or smaller servings of Cheetos, ceramic birds or glass turtles that could serve as handsome paper weights, festive eyeglasses,  bright coloured fans, Dorothy's ruby shoes, they seem to have it all. A'postrophe and Roy & Biv.

Bespoke Dining At Denlim's Kitchen

I first heard of Denlim's Kitchen from my friend Boboy Consunji. Boboy posted photos of the Denlim's pugon liempo (pork belly roasted in a brick stove) on Facebook, and it caused me a couple of sleepless nights. Dennis Lim, the chef and owner serves only one group a night, and dinner is booked nine months in advance. One day, I got a call from Boboy, there was a booking cancelation and he was lucky to get the slot. Excited for the big feast, I walked Mega Mall from end to end, and ate in small portions three days before our appointed day. Denlim's is in San Fernando, Pampanga, a two hour drive from the metro. Boboy, a Kapampangan was our living Waze and historian, we didn't have trouble looking for the place. Free of corkage, we each brought a bottle of red wine, my good friend James Reyes, and Noel Orosa. We were a happy group of twelve, Boboy's friends. Each dish personally served by Dennis were wiped out in minutes. I especially loved the bread served with bana…

Balay Ni Tan Juan

Part 8 Of Our Negros Occidental Tour
21 kilometres south of Bacolod is Bago City. Along the city's main street is the Balay Ni Tan Juan. Before it became a museum, the house was used as a school, and before that, from 1906 until World War II, it was the residence of General Juan Anacleto Araneta and his family. Juan is a favourite Negrense hero. In 1898, he, along with General Aniceto Lacson led a march of 10,000 men to Bacolod City, which led to the surrender of Spanish Governor Isidro de Castro. The ground floor of the grand house has an exhibit of Bago's village life. On the second floor, the pre-WWII lifestyle is simulated with old furniture and family photos. Balay Ni Tan Juan was worth the stop.