Monday, December 15, 2014

Beautiful And Useful Little Things

If you're an Audrey Hepburn fan, if you're into shabby chic, if you were Parisian in your past life (take those Facebook tests to find out), or if you simply like pretty little things that have good use, I may have found a piece of heaven for you.
I was half an hour early in Trinoma mall for a lunch meeting and found these two little stores next to each other that has little home decors and chic accessories to jazz up your year old wardrobes. Chinese bowls for a scoop of ice cream or smaller servings of Cheetos, ceramic birds or glass turtles that could serve as handsome paper weights, festive eyeglasses,  bright coloured fans, Dorothy's ruby shoes, they seem to have it all. A'postrophe and Roy & Biv.

Two little shops in the corner, A'postrophe and Roy & Biv.

Cute bowls for smaller servings of chips.

I like easy to clean, "non-dust gathering" home decors like these little ceramic white bird and red owl.

Soaps your favourite aunts and lady friends would love.

Because we can't get enough of Audrey!

When you want to go as Dorothy to your Christmas costume party or
if you simply want to wear shoes to match your ruby red lipstick.

When you want to add colour to your black uniform.

"Red" wooden birds to break monotony of framed photos on your shelves or for themed table settings.

Easy to find "orange" eyeglass cases.

"Yellow" mason jar mugs, and shot glasses.

Miniature "green" scooter for your Dad's desk.

This "Blue" glass turtle would be useful as paper weight or a bathroom companion.

"Indigo" smiley lace bracelets that would make your little nieces smile.

"Violet" dog pillow to hug.

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