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The Office Project

In the past, the Fashion & Design Council of the Philippines, ofwhich I am a member, has been renting an office space that it would only use for quarterly meetings and keeping files. For general membership meetings, we usually book a room in a restaurant where eating takes top priority.
We've long given up our office space, saving rent money for our worthy projects instead. Last Thursday, we held our core meeting at The Office Project, a bright new concept that's perfect for a council like ours or small companies who need an office space for just a few hours. They have the conveniences of a real office - meeting nooks, wifi, printing and unlimited coffee. In this age of paperless files and the metro's traffic problems, this space is a really nifty idea.

The Happy News Of The Week

I love everything Japanese except perhaps sashimi. Call me unsophisticated, but I'm not a fan of raw food. I'm a big eater, I like burgers, steak and pork chops. I love cakes and all flavours of Kit Kat. In Japan, I look forward to eating wagyu, sinful bowls of ramen, and pork tonkatsu. The unlimited shredded cabbage that goes with your tonkatsu somehow diminishes the guilt of being a porky, and so I indulge. Here in Manila, the good news of the week is that Maisen, the go-to-place for tonkatsu has opened its second branch closer to my neighborhood, just across the cinemas on the third level of Megamall. I shall have my pork and eat it too. Itadakimasu!