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The Proposal

My friend Jenny invited me for a weekend at the beach. Since her partner Trent is an American, it was dubbed as a Thanksgiving celebration of sorts. Always on top of everything, Jenny as usual, made sure everything was in order, the room assignments, who'll bring the turkey, the liquor down to the ice cubes. Little did she know, Trent was planning to propose over sunset that weekend.
I've always known Jenny as a strong and independent woman. Trent, though career driven was in a way like a boy, the type you'll always have good laughs with. As the sun was slowly turning orange, our hearts were all thumping, will Jenny say "yes"? There in front of all their friends, the setting sun in the background, Trent kneeled, ring in hand and said "I know we are not perfect, but I know I love you more than anything in this world. Will you marry me? Jenny said "yes" and they kissed and hugged as we were all cheering and clicking our cameras. It was a weekend I…


What could be more delightful than a gathering of friends from the arts. Celebrating her birthday week with a series of pocket celebrations, Ayen Laurel did just that. On the second night of her fest, she gathered her friends from the theatre and design world for an intimate dinner at Sala in Makati Avenue. Dinner was sublime, banter unmatchable and the birthday song sung with such beautiful harmony. Many happy returns of the day, dear Ayen.

Joel, John, Mak and Martin

Christmas has been an inspiration for many an artist. Music composers, painters, novelists, and even fashion designers have all paid tribute to this glorious season. This year, four of Manila's brightest young designers, Joel Escober, John Herrera, Mak Tumang and Martin Bautista have been gathered to present couture collections inspired by Christmas stories and characters. I can't wait to see their frocks rock the runway.
Happy Holidays!

Tasting Intramuros At The Peninsula Manila

A week to the Gawad Kalinga Hope Ball, I was asked to be part of the epicure team trying out its dinner menu. The Peninsula Manila'sExecutive Sous Chef Ed Mardela and Chef de Cuisine Samuel Linder prepared a sampling of beautifully plated Filipino Spanish dishes inspired by the walled city of Intramuros, whose informal settlers are this year's beneficiary. We started of with Lapu-lapu croquette and ube (purple yam) crema poured with sweet corn bisque. Aah, the ube did it for me, I wiped out my bowl in a wink. Next came the salad served on a green tinted glass plate, it had vinaigrette that tempered the savory taste of the garlic shrimps that went with the greens. The guava sorbet was served shortly after, doubly delightful because of its pink hue. The main course was beef kaldereta, actually my favorite local dish, it came with goats cheese gnudi. Quite a good pairing, I didn't feel the need to eat it with steamed rice. And just as I thought I was ready to end a meal with…