Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Proposal

My friend Jenny invited me for a weekend at the beach. Since her partner Trent is an American, it was dubbed as a Thanksgiving celebration of sorts. Always on top of everything, Jenny as usual, made sure everything was in order, the room assignments, who'll bring the turkey, the liquor down to the ice cubes. Little did she know, Trent was planning to propose over sunset that weekend.
I've always known Jenny as a strong and independent woman. Trent, though career driven was in a way like a boy, the type you'll always have good laughs with. As the sun was slowly turning orange, our hearts were all thumping, will Jenny say "yes"?
There in front of all their friends, the setting sun in the background, Trent kneeled, ring in hand and said "I know we are not perfect, but I know I love you more than anything in this world. Will you marry me? Jenny said "yes" and they kissed and hugged as we were all cheering and clicking our cameras.
It was a weekend I'll hold dear to my heart as Jenny is dear. Every once in a while we are reminded to stop and smell the flowers and say - yes.

Road trip

Subic Forest Reserve

Our beach house destination.

We called this "Victoria Grayson's Mansion".

Jenny and Trent took a walk..

.. while we feasted on pork and beans.

The proposal.

Jenny said "YES"!!

The ring!

Trent and Jenny

Thanksgiving dinner.

The day after.

The aftermath!

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