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La Isla Bonita

An hour by plane from Manila to Busuanga and another two hours by boat is Mangenguey, an exquisite 13 hectare virgin island located in Northern Palawan. The resort can only accept twelve visitors at a time,  if you're the type who just want to curl up and read a book, eat good food and go walking barefoot by the beach, this is the place to go.

She Prayed For Sunshine

She prayed for sunshine. Every time she came to my atelier for the fittings of the male entourage, bride Shereen would go to the nearby Sta. Clara Monastery to bring eggs for the nuns and pray for good weather. After more than three weeks of rain, the sun came out on her wedding day.

Prayer For Tough Times

In tough times, Lord, let me stay motivated and calm.
Let me look at how far I have come, rather than how far I still have to go.
Let me continue counting my blessings, not what I have been missing. Make everyday bring new chances to grow, new beautiful things to see, new plans to do, new goals to pursue. As every new day is God's miracle day. Amen.