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Cuyo Island

The rainy season has started, yet I couldn't resist an invitation to Cuyo Island in Palawan. I was invited to judge the Mutya ng Cuyo, my third time to judge a beauty pageant this year. Indeed, we take beauty pageants seriously in this country. The winner goes on to compete in Mutya ng Palawan and then to Binibining Pilipinas. It takes an hour or less to fly to Cuyo. Its group of islands is in the northern part of Palawan, closer to Panay Island than the province's capital, Puerto Princesa. Cuyo is home to a 350 year old Spanish fort, which shelters a church and a convent in its high stone walls. Today, the Cuyo archipelago is best known for its famous resort island, Amanpulo, but it has much, much more attractions to see. I had my Lumix clicking away.

Merry, Merry Poppins

I haven't blogged in three months, reason was, I gave birth to a baby named Poppins. Born out of love for food and fashion, Poppins is a collaboration between me and eleven friends who share the same filial love. Having a stressful job of never ending deadlines, I've always imagined a place where one can have quiet little dinners and funny named cocktail drinks. I've often pictured a corner where I can sit alone and people watch while sipping ginger tea. I've always wanted a couch away from home where a friend can pour out her heartaches over scotch. I've envisioned a home where milestones can be celebrated.
Along the way, I've met the young Chef Aiz Anog whose tummy spoke the same French I did. She prepared for us a menu that's both happy and hearty. My interior designer friend, Dinny Lazo interpreted my vision of supercalifragelistic, she artfully fused the restaurant and bar concept with a dramatic cove and purple sofas. Three months old now, Poppins is ta…