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The Joy of Traveling Light

A decade ago, traveling for me meant two huge suitcases, one carry on luggage, a huge tote and a body bag. A trip to the outlets was as exciting as seeing the haute couture exhibit at the Met. It may sound cheesy, but in the past couple of years, making memories have become more important than finding tri-colour brogues. It must be age. Nowadays, it's all about watching a beautiful sunset, getting hungry from laughing too much and laughing some more looking for ramen in the middle of the night. It's spending the whole afternoon marvelling at 18th century portraits, or lining up to buy the best tasting pizza. It's still a thrill to find a perfect fitting black sweater but shopping ceased to be the contact sport it used to be. Traveling light has made checking in and riding trains easier, and it has given life a new meaning as well.

All photos in this post were taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Now, I don't need to bring a camera and a tablet in my trips.