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The Land of the Dreamweavers

I've always been fascinated with the T'nalak fabric made by the T'bolis of South Cotabato and so when I got an invitation to visit the province and meet their weavers, I immediately said yes. I, together with other designers were invited by the Governor, Daisy Fuentes, through Marivic Pineda of GKonomics, Gawad Kalinga's partner in social enterprise development. The good governor wanted us to see the possibility of using their traditional crafts for our designs and experience first hand the tranquility of her province. Having read about the T'bolis being one of the most peaceful tribes in the Philippines, I never had second thoughts of flying down south. A friend once told me I must have been a T'boli in my past life because of my calm demeanour.
Our first stop was the T'boli School of Indigenous Knowledge and Traditions where we were presented with traditional music and dance by the school children. Their dance I would liken to the quiet wind and gentle s…

10 Rainy Day Food Cravings

What is it with the rain and food? The heavier the downpour, the bigger the craving, and if you don’t give in to your cravings, you’ll be twisting and turning the whole night counting pork buns in your head.

My Caffeine And Sugar Fix At Paul

After three weeks of my Diane Stalder Ideal Protein diet and losing 20 pounds at the right places, I was craving for caffeine and sugar. Not wanting to gain back the weight and inches I lost, I wasn't about to down a litre of cola and a box of cake. I went for something light and French. The French have this wonderful concept of having a bit of everything in one plate, to satisfy your little cravings, they thought of cafe gourmand - a serving of coffee and tiny cakes or macarons. And so after Mass at the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel in SM Aura, my mother and I had early dinner at Paul. Mother had a beef sandwich, and I had an omelette and cafe gourmand. Aah, je suis content.