Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Makati Garden Club Visits Ito Curata

It was officially summer in Manila, the ladies of the Makati Garden Club has brought out their pretty picture hats on the day of our appointed visit to fashion designer Ito Curata's Italian style villa, south of the metropolis.
The garden club has been visiting beautiful homes and gardens, broadening their knowledge of horticulture. One of their recent trips was to Gawad Kalinga's Enchanted Farm, upon my suggestion to Tita Marilou Laurena. She and the other members were so happy with the excursion that they asked me again to recommend other places to visit. For their southern route, my fellow Batangueno and kumpadre, Ito happily welcomed us to his elegant abode. Two hours were not enough to savor the art and family love of Ito's home. We were also met by his life partner Bob Miller who never fails to amaze me with his positive insights about life. Their son Taj wowed the ladies, politely conversing and helping entertain. Ito's lovely mother who just had an eye procedure happily joined us as well.
I'm wishing there are more days like this, much like a good book or movie, relaxing.. enriching.

A beautiful trove of fashion knowledge, Ito's library.

The Makati Garden Club ladies enjoying crab and tuna sandwiches, and red iced tea.

Bilo-bilo or what we call in Batangas - Pinindot

Sonya Garcia and Ito Curata

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