Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dedon Island Cuisine

Two weeks before our trip to Dedon Island, I was juicing celery, cucumber, carrots and Granny Smith apples. It was a choice between getting cross eyed from hunger or looking like I'm about to give birth on the beach. With some success, I was able to fit into my old board shorts.
As soon as we got to our Dedon Jeepney from Sayak Airport, we got a taste of what to expect from our four day holiday. Dried coconuts, mangoes and pineapples were served on the twenty minute drive to the resort. Water was kept cool in stainless steel bottles, really neat.
After settling down in our villas, we all met at the pavilion where we ravenously feasted on chicken burgers, vegetable sandwiches and French fries. Oh, how long have I not eaten French fries!
Each meal was beautifully presented in unique shaped plates and each dish has a charming story. It was good to know that they grow their own herbs and vegetables. We learned as well that the resident chef has recruited a number of local fishermen to make sure there's always a fresh catch for every meal.
Day four, as I weighed myself on the airport scale, I heaved a sigh of relief seeing I didn't gain a pound. I think I'll have a corner slice of Sanrival when I get home.

Santan flowers add a burst of color to our table.

Our welcome merienda - chicken burgers, vegetable sandwiches, French fries and fresh coconut juice.

Pineapples, papaya and ripe mangoes.

Nestrest-shaped sugar bowls.

Nestrest lamps!

To munch all day - dried mangoes, pineapples and coconut.

Cheese, freshly baked croissants, pancakes and mango marmalade to start your breakfast.

The main course - danggit na may laman and scrambled eggs.

I took a peek of their kitchen, really neat!


Fragrant rice, deep fried Mahi Mahi, and vermicelli.

Cucumber and tomato salad, okra, Mahi Mahi curry, and brown rice.

Chicken and pork Adobo.

Chocolate muffins and homemade coconut ice cream.

Beautiful dinner set up by the beach.

The vegetable garden.

The herb garden.

Dedon Island's Ivan and Chef Nico.

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