Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love At First Bite

It was love at first bite. I became a fan of Kitchen's Best upon experiencing a box of their Purple Yam Cake and my love grew from cake to cake to their savory dishes.
Holy Monday, I brought my good friend Johann and his girlfriend Madelaine to the patisserie for dinner and surprised them with my huge photo holding the yam cake hanging on its wall. We started with a good laugh and spinach phyllos, light and savory to perk up our already perky appetites. We had soup next, Madelaine ordered onion while Johann and I went for the pumpkin. For our entrees, we had baked salmon, roast beef, and chicken with chorizo which was quite similar to my mother's home cooked Kulob na Manok. The best part of course was dessert, banana toffee pie, lemon torte and the turtle pie that explodes with all the chocolate goodness in your mouth.
After, we decided to walk three blocks to Bonifacio High Street to burn the calories and laugh a little more.

Kitchen's Best modern French Provencal interiors.

We had Spinach Phyllo to start.

Onion Soup

Madelaine, Johann and I having our soup.

Caesar Salad

Madelaine had the Baked Salmon.

Johann enjoyed the Roast Beef.

I tried the Chicken with Chorizo.

Turtle Pie

Having our cake and eating it too.

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