Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Randy's Heart And Home

For the past seven years, fashion designer Randy Ortiz's home has been our party central. His beautifully appointed flat has been witness to big Christmas parties and intimate little dinners. Chic but masculine, elegant yet cozy, modern Italian furniture, accent pieces from Cebu and objets d'art are nonchalantly mixed. Guests feel instantly at home in this treasure-filled abode. Yet I am sure that for Randy, his friends are his biggest treasure.

The foyer

Living room

This coffee table is actually made of steel, not wicker as it looks.

Clean and modern

Randy's pet poodle named after the street where he lives, HV.

De-stress Sunday, Jackie Aquino, Bernard Banares, Vic Barba and Randy.

One of the dining chairs, each design comes in two.

Randy's signature Adobo

Tinolang manok with malunggay leaves

Randy's art-filled room.

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