Monday, June 4, 2012

The Frog Prince

I'm a modern day romantic and more often than not, I translate my emotions into clothes, much like what the 18th century romanticists did to their art and literature. I work a lot on tailored forms but I like adding self-tie bows, a wave of ruffle, wisps of tulle or strips of velvet and grosgrain.
For my Kashieca collaboration, I decided to use the frog prince as my logo. In this age of rock stars and supermodels, kissing frogs is still norm. Not everyone would end up with a prince though, but it's fine, because sometimes frogs can be really funny and cute too. Too cute, I printed them on shirts, right where your heart is.

Kashieca, Rockwell Power Plant Mall

The frog prince,  printed right where your heart is.

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." ~ George Sand

Some of the romantic scents in Kashieca stores, Kris Aquino's Kris, Randy Ortiz's Homage, Bea Alonzo's Beautiful Soul and Lucy Torres' Love.

Kris Aquino's Kris

Randy Ortiz's Homage

Bea Alonzo's Beautiful Soul

Cute necklaces.


  1. Its nice to understand why it is a Prince Frog? ;)) Wink!

  2. So proud of you Kuya JC, way to go. Can't wait to see your clothes in store. Maybe I can ask Mel to shop for me at Kashieca when he goes home this year...