Thursday, June 28, 2012


Birthday season starts June, it seems. Almost every weekend there's a birthday celebration and I know it's going to be like this till October.
TV and Film director Dante Nico Garcia who we affectionately call Ga, surprised us with a different kind of celebration. Before we all got tipsy with our Soursop cocktail, he went up to the microphone to formally launch FilipiNow. FilipiNow is his brainchild, it is what he calls the globally relevant Filipino. As a FilipiNow, Ga's pet project  is to build a home for aging artists. He is not asking for donations, mind you. He is building business to create jobs and funding for his dream, and what better way than do what he loves most, the business of doing films.
Bravo, Ga!

FilipiNow, the globally relevant Filipino.

With birthday boy Dante Nico 'Ga' Garcia

Raymund Martelino and Ga

Krist Bansuelo, Angel Jacob and Angel Aquino

Iza Calzado and Pen Medina

Mylene Dizon

Candy Pangilinan

Ricci Chan and Nico Nicomedes

I am a FilipiNow!

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