Friday, June 29, 2012

The Masters

I've always admired Dominic Rubio's art, I think he's our modern day Damian Domingo. Usually in National Costume, his subjects reminded me of those paper dolls my classmates played with in grade school. Recently, he collaborated with fashion master Frederick Peralta for a series of romantic titles. Known for his elegant Filipinianas and voluminous ball gowns, Frederick's creations were perfect wardrobe for Rubio's models.
A beautiful marriage of art and fashion.

Art and fashion lovers.

Curtain call, Frederick Peralta and Dominic Rubio.

The piece de resistance.

Newlyweds Ronnie and Luchi Siasoyco bought this beautiful piece called 'Embrace'.

Tim Yap, Tessa Valdes, Michael Carandang and I.

Robby Carmona and Camille Mathay

With the master, Frederick Peralta.

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