Friday, June 15, 2012

Accidental Tourist

An hour early for the wedding ceremony of Meg Salvacion, I decided to wander the streets of Old Marikina. It was my first time beyond the River Banks and I was pleasantly surprised the city wasn't painted blue and pink. Lining the main street are well preserved pre-World War II houses. Monuments stand on street intersections and along the Shoe Museum, their version of the Walk Of Fame.
A beautiful quaint setting for a modern bride's wedding.

Quaint houses in Marikina's Calle Mayor

Shoemaker Monument

Shoe Museum

Walk of Fame

Monument to Blessed John Paul II

Century-old bell

The main altar of Our Lady of the Abandoned

Modern bride, Meg Salvacion arrived in a top-down sports car.


  1. Life is truly beautiful! We just have to stop and take in all the beauty that is around us!

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