Friday, June 22, 2012

The Karen And Melo Show

EDSA ShangriLa's Italian restaurant Paparazzi's new chef looks like a teenager, they ask for his identification card when he goes to bars. Yesterday, the cherubim-like Chef Roberto whipped up a hearty birthday lunch for my dear friend Melo Esguerra who I first met through Karen Davila. I've always been amazed with Karen and Melo's wit. They are both opinionated people yet they both listen to what others have to say. I really think they should have a talk show together. Joining us late was the equally witty Pepito Albert, quite intimidating to many, he really is a sweetheart.
Our lunch lasted four hours, juicy gossip, fashion history and politics all covered. If it were a talk show, it will definitely rate. Ciao!

Paparazzi, EDSA ShangriLa

Chef Roberto and the birthday celebrator, Melo Esguerra

I love the smell of bread!

Judy Aguilar, Karen Davila and Luc Olivier Marquet

Pepito Albert, Melo Esguerra and I.

Scallops, chorizo, capers and shallots

Mushroom Rissotto

Salmon and asparagus

Chocolate ice cream

Melo's birthday cake!

Soul sisters! Karen and Melo

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