Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All In A Day

We all lead busy and stressful lives. With all those work deadlines and bills to pay, manic Mondays and indolent employees, how does one stay healthy and happy?
A walk in the park, a slice of pizza, a little shopping, a cup of yogurt, fried chicken chops, milk tea and lots of laughter in between, all in a day.

Nolita, Bonifacio High Street Central

Mid-afternoon in Nolita.

Saving our seats, Clam and Rina.

Rissa with our pizza!

Shopping in Kashieca

Next stop, Pink Berry!

Clam had a small cup of pomegranate yogurt with mochi ball toppings.

I had a medium cup of pomegranate with five kinds of toppings.

Rina was a good girl, Rissa had a small cup of vanilla with blueberry toppings.

Happy with our choices.

Chicken chops and fried tofu at Serenitea.

I will keep coming back for more.. fried chicken chops!

I always order Hokkaido milk tea.

Milk tea for three.

Happy, healthy and serene, Rina and Rey.