Wednesday, April 9, 2014

San Juan In Fourteen Hours

It was a long drive from San Jose, Tarlac to San Juan, La Union, we reached Cube-O-Grill at half past nine in the evening where our friend Maria Antonia was treating us to dinner. It was her birthday month and it was the perfect opportunity for us to see her hometown. San Juan is popular among surfers because of its huge waves and its proximity to Manila. Oh, but we didn't come for the waves, we came for the Bagnet!
We spent the night at the charmingly rustic Final Option Beach Resort, yes, it is called Final Option. The sea breeze and the sound of the waves lulled me to sleep, the kind of sleep that didn't have dreams, it was the best I've had in years.
The following morning was relaxed, a morning stroll at the beach and late breakfast. After our usual banter, we packed our bags and started the road adventure back to Manila.

San Jose to San Juan

Late dinner at Cube-O-Grill.

Oh, we didn't come for the waves, we came for the Bagnet! (photo by Marita Nagar)

Charmingly rustic, Final Option Beach Resort (yes, the resort is named Final Option)

Morning stroll. (photo by Maryann Galeno)

Kahuna's beach front.

Stopping for some cold tea at Moonleaf.

Surf board post-its.

I forgot what flavour I got, but I finished it in two minutes.


  1. Ang cute nong bed na may mosquito net ^_^, sorry po for asking, naka-aircon po ba yong cottage?

    1. Hi Glen, this particular cottage does not have air conditioning, breeze from the sea kept it cool :)