Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Follow The Yellow Brick Road, Part 2

The second leg of our trip to the north was the Aquino Center in Luisita. Out of President Cory Aquino's sense of propriety, the centre was built after her term. It houses memorabilia from the life of her husband Ninoy, from the time he became Mayor of Concepcion to the time of his assassination. A quarter of the exhibit are photographs and gifts from world leaders during her presidency.
The museum is open to the public for a minimal fee of P100. We were given a guided tour by Karen Carrera and she shared with us interesting trivias about Ninoy Aquino. Much has been written about his life as a politician and a hero, but what inspired me the most was how he became a better man during his incarceration under Martial Law. He questioned God why he had to go through much suffering, yet it was during those lonely days and nights that he realised how blessed he was to be the youngest Mayor, Governor and Senator of his time. That dark period in his life has brought him closer to God and he learned to pray the Rosary. He came out a selfless man.

The beautiful acacia lined avenue from the SCTEX Luisita exit to Aquino Center.

The Aquino Center

Group shot.

The atrium of the Aquino Center.

Karen Carrera, center, gave us a guided tour of the museum.

After our tour of the centre, we headed to the hills of San Jose to visit the Monasterio de Tarlac. I've visited the shrine of the relic of the Holy Cross a couple of times before but it was the first time my friends were able to see it.

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