Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Follow The Yellow Brick Road, Part 1

My college friends and I took the road again. A month of planning via Facebook, we met Saturday early morning at McDonald's, Quezon Avenue and headed north as soon as the cast of loquacious forty-somethings was complete. It was a good one and a half hour drive via NLEX, the North Luzon Expressway and SCTEX, the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway to our first stop, Concepcion, Tarlac. Having majored in Interior Design, we're all interested in visiting ancestral houses. I Googled on how to go about visiting the old Aquino home but eventually a dear lady friend of mine arranged a 10am tour for us. We were met by the caretaker of the house, Aling Neneng Calunsay. She had been with the family since she was thirteen years old and she had lots of fond memories to share about Ninoy and Cory Aquino.
The Aquino ancestral house is quite simple compared to the old mansions in Pampanga and Bacolod. The exteriors are very much like the houses in the old district of Malate, Manila. Art Deco style and Spanish Colonial furniture are used inside and one could imagine the genteel days and political history it witnessed.
We will learn more about Ninoy Aquino and his life in our next stop, the Aquino Center.

The Historical Marker

Beautiful window details.

The living room.

The office.

Dining for 18.

The kitchen.

Stair details.

The master's bedroom.

The bedroom vanity sink.

The children's bedroom.

With the caretaker of the house, Aling Neneng Calunsay.


  1. So fortunate to be included in your group to see this Simple yet Magnificent House! The Art Deco Chandeliers hanging in the dining room are back in style! I see them every where at the Las Vegas Design Center in bright Reds, Blues and Yellows but the one i saw at the house was a most delicate pink ( hint of lavender) so beautiful! I didn't get to notice the bedroom vanity sink when i was there- its raised 3" from the counter just like the contemporary ones now! This house is so Classic Art Deco!