Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lunch Without Cellular Phones

Can you survive an hour without your mobile phone? In this day and age, it seems quite impossible. You'd go out for lunch but you keep your phone right beside your plate because your office might need you for some immediate decisions or you're waiting for World Cup feeds on Twitter. My friend Camille Cruz-Reyes aka The Hungry Lady and I decided to part with our smart phones for an hour to enjoy our twice a year lunch. Well, the crazy maki never tasted as good and our table talk went from funny to serious to hilarious.

Oh, but I had to bring out my camera twice in the name of blogging.

Senju, EDSA ShangriLa Hotel

Camille pretending to chat on her mobile phone.

Me, pretending to text for the camera.

Wakame No Gamazu Ae, seaweed in sesame and vinegar dressing.

Crazy Maki, prawn tempura, crabstick, omelette, cucumber and salmon skin with crunchy toppings.

Kaisen Mentaiko Sumi Udon, seafood and baby lobster with spicy cod roe and charcoal udon noodles.

Tenderloin Beef, US beef tenderloin

Vanilla Ice Cream

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  1. Hi JC, for me it's so fabulous of you that you and your friend Camille had taught of bonding over lunch without both your smartphones by your side! it's very therapeutic i think. and a lot of people cannot do the same i'm sure. You gave me the idea, I might just try that too this coming "once-a-month dinner" bonding with my old friends.
    I really love your blogs!