Monday, June 9, 2014

Boracay For The Non-Partyphile

Coming from an industry that parties almost every night, I'm an oddity. I like intimate dinners and quiet conversations. I like road trips and stopping at random hole in the wall eating places. Perhaps it comes with age or maybe because of my stressful job, there is a constant need for longer coffee breaks and occasional weekend getaways.
Three months ago, I received an SMS from Joshua Aquino inviting me to his birthday weekend in Boracay. Most people prepare for months in the gym before going to Boracay, famous for its powdery white sand and beach parties till sunrise, it's a place to see and be seen. Knowing Joshua and his family, I knew it would be relaxed, and away from the party scene. Indeed it was, simple barbecue dinners, night swimming and a sunset cruise to cap Joshua's celebration. Marvelling at the sky and its changing colours, and feeling the sea wind, it was a perfect moment for a grateful prayer.
Happy birthday, Joshy!

Our home for three days.

I wish I had a piece of this in the city.

Tummy cleansing.

The villa's private pool.

Birthday boy, Joshua Aquino.

The colour and veins of fallen leaves interest me very much.

I can spend the entire afternoon just reading a book in this hammock.

The calming sound of waves.

The infinity pool at Villa 13.

View from the top.

Sunset cruise.

Taking it all in.


  1. Hi JC, you capture pictures perfectly! nice angle and subject. in this blog of yours, i found out
    we have a lot in common. like, whenever i go to boracay atleast every 3years, its not for partying or drinking spree. but for real calming relaxation with nature and clear boracay water.
    you have an eye for every detail, capturing a shot even on a piece of dry leaf. oh this are all great pictures JC! i love your blog. :)

    1. Thank you very much, Pitpith 😊 I saw your blog, I wish you'll have more posts, I like your macro shots.

    2. Oh, im glad you view my blog and thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I really wish i could write more but its the time im lacking...but coz you're my inspiration in writing blog, i'll try to do more.
      btw, in case you dont know we're "friends" in IG. :)

      more power !

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    1. Thank you very much, Carlos. Thank you for the tip as well. 😊

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