Monday, May 6, 2013

Rey Of Sunshine

Supermodel and superfriend Tweetie de Leon - Gonzalez hosted a birthday barbecue in honor of a friend dear to us all, Rey Lanada. Ever thoughtful, always ready to help or share a hearty laugh, that is Rey.
It was a happy intimate gathering. Double rainbows, Sunday afternoon television, pork barbecue as juicy as the dinner gossip, and a friend we are all lucky to have. Happiest birthday, Rey!

It was my first time to see double rainbows and it lasted for only fifteen seconds, good thing I had my iPad on my lap.

Tweetie de Leon - Gonzalez' famous portrait from her  Heno de Pravia commercial.

Tweetie and Rey.

Rey, Randy Ortiz and Mon Gonzalez

Rhett Eala and Henri Calayag.

The birthday boy and me.

The pork barbecue almost ready.

 Filipino favorites, green mangoes, fried spring rolls, kare-kare, and bilo-bilo.

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