Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lunch With The Hungry Lady

One of my favourite friends and bloggers, Camille Cruz-Reyes a.k.a. The Hungry Lady had a late morning fitting at my atelier and I purposely had the next three hours free so we can have lunch and catch up.
A block away from where I work is Bellini's in Cubao X. Owned by Roberto Bellini and his beautiful Filipina wife Ma. Luisa, Bellini's is a "must go to" restaurant this side of town. It's a place to get away from the "it" crowd and eat real good old Italian food. There we went for some light lunch and happy talk.


Appetizer spread!

Camille choosing from the menu.

Camille had their Caesar Salad.

I started with some bruschetta..

.. and had the Four Cheese Pizza.

Camille and I got shy to pose by the Trevi fountain mural.

Complimentary sweet wine from Roberto Bellini.

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