Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Super Seryna

It's an understatement to say that I love to eat. I have cravings to match different emotions and occasions. I always have little discoveries of where to find the best burger, best empanada, best fried chicken, best sansrival, best anything. Friends love to feed me like a growing baby boy and I really play the part perfectly.
One gastronomic experience that stand out in my memory was lunch in Seryna. It was a dear dear friend's birthday week and she decided to treat her closest friends to a holiday in Tokyo. Fabulous, right? After a morning tour of the Imperial Palace grounds, we trooped to the famous restaurant in the Roppongi district. Lunch was just glorious, one perfect dish after another and every bite of the beef was pure heaven.

Seryna's round shaped Teppanyaki table

Garlic sliced as thin as potato chips!

Pumpkin soup and hot tea

One of the chefs look like a Korean pop-star!

I love these stone plates!

Different sauces!

Fish, scallops and garlic!

Piece de resistance, the Wagyu cubes!

A scoop of vanilla ice cream

There's a Seryna in Little Tokyo, Makati City 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bella Venticinque

Celebrating twenty-five years and the Filipinos love for movies, Bench recently launched Benchingko/Films with a red carpet premiere of its first series of short films - Lovi Poe in Kama, Coco Martin in Horsepower, Bella Flores in Kontrabida 101, Piolo Pascual in Perya and Lucy Torres in Star Teacher. Each short film was relevant and heart-tugging, art imitating life and what is beautiful in our souls.

Benchingko/Films red carpet premiere

Ben Chan and Lovi Poe in a bare back dress

TV Producer Michael Carandang

Young actor Benjamin Alves

Enzo Pineda and Rocco Nacino

Noel Manapat

Zia and Eric Quizon

Nix Alanon and Rajo Laurel

Jairus Ferrer, Angelette Calero and Leah Puyat

Piolo Pascual, Lucy Torres-Gomez and Lovi Poe

My photo-op with Philippine cinema legend, Bella Flores!

.. and my photo-op with the main man, Ben Chan.

Ben Chan in his first film, 25 Bens http://youtu.be/oeDwTQacNNo
Lovi Poe in Kama http://youtu.be/fwt3xpOK5FI

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Like It Hot

I'm in my most creative mood when I'm melancholic. The rains did just that, I'm listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto on repeat mode as I sketch furiously with my 2B pencils. Sometimes, I will forget to eat, and when my work day ends, I'm ravenously hungry.
The weather and Sakamoto led me to the newly opened Ryu, some ten minutes from where I live. Clean and welcoming, it reminded me of those cozy ramen bars in Tokyo. I asked for the house specialty, Tantanmen, a spicy miso base broth with ground pork and soft boiled egg. You can have it mild, hot or very hot. I had it the way I always like it, hot.
Woooof! I shall return.

Ryu Ramen and Curry.

Clean and welcoming, I was reminded of the cozy ramen bars in Tokyo.

Tamanegi, shrimp and squid with vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.

Tantanmen, spicy miso base broth with ground pork, soft boiled egg, negi, and garlic oil with slices of chasyu. You can have it mild, hot or very hot. I had it hot!

Really flavorful without an aftertaste.

Ryu in Japanese means 'dragon'.

Ryu Ramen & Curry, Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City (between Scout Lazcano and Scout de Guia)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Manila Loves Albert

He fell in love with the Philippines and decided to stay. Indonesian born Albert Kurniawan's fascination for beauty pageants has brought him to Manila and made him one of the metro's most in demand make-up artists. He became a favorite of designers for fashion shows and weddings. His idol Heart Evangelista became his best friend and muse. Unassuming, funny and gentle, Manila loved him back like a real son.
Happiest birthday, Albert!

Lovi, birthday boy Albert, Camille, Heart and Nikolai

Models Ria Bolivar and Grendel Alvarado

We braved Friday traffic and rain to celebrate with Albert at his favorite bar, Barcino's where they kept our plates and glasses full till way past three in the morning.

Raph Kiefer and Melo Esguerra

Soulmates, Albert and Nikolai.

Birthday muffins!

 Inno Sotto in the house!

Always a joy to see, Janice de Belen.