Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Super Seryna

It's an understatement to say that I love to eat. I have cravings to match different emotions and occasions. I always have little discoveries of where to find the best burger, best empanada, best fried chicken, best sansrival, best anything. Friends love to feed me like a growing baby boy and I really play the part perfectly.
One gastronomic experience that stand out in my memory was lunch in Seryna. It was a dear dear friend's birthday week and she decided to treat her closest friends to a holiday in Tokyo. Fabulous, right? After a morning tour of the Imperial Palace grounds, we trooped to the famous restaurant in the Roppongi district. Lunch was just glorious, one perfect dish after another and every bite of the beef was pure heaven.

Seryna's round shaped Teppanyaki table

Garlic sliced as thin as potato chips!

Pumpkin soup and hot tea

One of the chefs look like a Korean pop-star!

I love these stone plates!

Different sauces!

Fish, scallops and garlic!

Piece de resistance, the Wagyu cubes!

A scoop of vanilla ice cream

There's a Seryna in Little Tokyo, Makati City 

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