Sunday, July 1, 2012

Man's Best Friends

Tessa Valdes is a rare gem, one who always lends her celebrity for a good cause, she's a moving force to most of our country's charity events. Cheerful and sincere, it's always a joy to see her. Bumping into each other at the Muji fashion show, she asked me if I could dress up with my pet dog and walk the ramp for the CARA Welfare Philippines Benefit Dinner, without hesitation, I said yes.
My family has three furry housemates, Diesel a ten year old Labrador, an English Bulldog named Kojak, and Birkin. I always brag about Birkin's Dachshund lineage as she's my friend Rey Lanada's daughter, Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski's granddaughter and a sister of Miguel Pastor's Patchi. Kojak and I were suppose to go in matching kilts, in honor of Queen Elizabeth's jubilee year, but a day before the benefit dinner, he developed rashes on his right chest. My atelier had to rush a plaid skirt for Birkin, it was her time to shine.
It was a night for pets in their Oscar best, Chow Chows in tutus, Chihuahuas in diamonds and bulldogs in hunky black outfits. A delightful fashion parade and a celebration of our love for man's best friends.

Many thanks to my friends who helped me fill up a table for the Dinner Benefit.

My nieces Cita and Sophia Buendia with my goddaughter Viana Lazo.

Love and support from Eleanor and Nancy Reyes.

Dinny Lazo

Vittorio Barba and Rey Lanada

Xyza Montaner and Johann Abellaneda

PJ Endrinal and Monty

Lady with big heart earrings and a bigger heart, Tessa Prieto-Valdes.

Magician Lou Hilario and his cuckatoos.

Doggie bone bread sticks!

Birkin and I won a special award for our matching kilts!

CARE's President, Nancy Cu Unjieng

For more about CARA Welfare Philippines, visit their FaceBook page


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