Monday, April 9, 2012

My Perfect Excuse For A Kilt

It was a lovely Spring day in Edinburgh and I wouldn't dampen my spirits with delayed luggage. My check-in suitcase most likely got mixed up in the connecting flight in Hong Kong and I only had in my carry-on bag an extra tee-shirt and a black sweater. And so I ran to the nearest Marks & Spencer for a couple of boxers and a few pairs of socks. It was also a perfect excuse for me to get myself a kilt, a must have souvenir, I must say, from this land of cashmere and tartans. Aye!

A beautiful day for a walk.

Lots of souvenir shops at the Old Town's Royal Mile .

Tartan shawls.

Kilts galore!

Tartan Weaving Mill & Exhibition Building.

Lovely Spring blooms.

Going around town in my kilt!

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