Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hip In A Medieval Town

First week of Spring, I was given a truly wonderful treat by one of my favorite couples to go on a UK holiday. God bless their big hearts!
In Edinburgh, we stayed at the very hip Missoni Hotel, situated in the heart of the city, positioned between the Old and New Town. Two days of lovely weather, history lessons and hearty eating.

Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh

Hotel Missoni staff wear kilts in their signature herringbone patterns.

Hotel hallway

Hotel room offers a spectacular view of Edinburgh.

Mini-bar is complimentary!

Missoni toiletries.

Coca Cola moment at sundown.

The Hotel Missoni Cucina

Prints on prints!

Scottish breakfast of sausage, bacon, egg, and black pudding.


Missoni throws at the balcony!


  1. great pictures Kuya JC... Love the pictures esp of the hotel. with all the Missoni Prints gotta love it. BTW, did you the The Bag hag? Been reading her blog too. Enjoy your Holidays!! Love, Annette

    1. It's great to find you here in Blogspot, Annette!! Happy Easter!! ;-)