Monday, December 12, 2011

That Miss Universe Moment!

My good friend, designer James Reyes, brought a Miss Universe tiara to the Fashion Watch Christmas party. It was passed on from one head to another, giving us a minute each of camera flashes and beauty queen glory!

Bella Tagle, beautiful Grace!

Beautiful soul, maquillage genius, Eric Maningat!

Ravishing Grace Molina!

Model beauty, Jessica Yang.

Ageless Beauty, Lulu Tan Gan with Patrick Uy.

Cleopatra! Lou Munoz!

A beautiful gem, Emerald!

Sultry Sirene!


Fashion Watch dude, Jessie!

Miss Universe Barbie, Justine!

Pins please! ~ James Reyes

Ria Bolivar's crowning moment!

OMG! My crowning moment!

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