Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Brave And The Beautiful

Indeed, technology has brought the world closer. I've been friends with these women and men for more than a decade already, but two years ago, after forming a Blackberry Messenger chat group called Harrots, we became family. The very exclusive group consists of the most talented actresses, the wittiest directors, geniuses Deo Endrinal and Biboy Arboleda, Olive Isidro, Joel Mercado, Juan Sarte and Liz Uy. Lino Cayetano is an honorary member. We wake up knowing what Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is cooking for breakfast. The latest news is broadcast a week before it becomes tv news headline. We virtually group hug when one is having love problems. We turn into prayer warriors when one has a sick sibling or parent.
For our second Christmas, we dined in Zuchinni's. It was non-stop banter from the soup to the glorious mud pie. To cap our dinner, Biboy asked each of us to say what we are thankful for in 2011 and what we are wishing for in 2012. We were all smiling, not few teary-eyed, thankful for the gift of each other's friendship.

Beautiful and brave, clockwise; Bing, Amy, Agot, Mylene and Jodi

Agot's now famous peanuts!

Olives by Ira, Tomas, Lucas and Mylene

Worth the calories, Chocolate Mud Pie by Gay Vasquez

Harrots 2011

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