Saturday, October 13, 2012


I'm addicted to Instagram, and like most 'Instafans', taking photos of my meal has become a ritual after saying grace. Trying out new restaurants has become twice as exciting, with my phone and camera always at hand.
Smack in the middle of Greenhills Shopping Center, the newly opened Wafu is one place you'll have a field day taking photos. The first thing that will catch your fancy are the Ann Pamintuan lotus chairs, grouped in three table settings for diners who like a bit of privacy.
I had an easy time deciding what to order, I skipped the main menu and chose from the Bento menu. A carnivore, I had the From The Land Bento which had Teriyaki chicken and Wagyu Skirt steak. A must try, my friend said is the Wafu Kit-Kat for dessert. It came with a sprig of Jasmine, deserving of an Instagram shot. One bite and I became an instant fan, it was glorious.

The first thing you'll notice as you step in are the Ann Pamintuan lotus chairs.

View from the second floor.

Teppanyaki tables on the second floor.

Lovely stone plates.

Sushi platter

Bento box choices - From The Land or From The Sea.

From The Land Bento - Teriyaki chicken and Wagyu Skirt beef

From The Sea Bento - Miso Salmon and Shrimp & Veggie Tempura

Thought this was garlic, it's lotus chip!

Piece de resistance, the Wafu Kit-Kat!

The Wafu Kit-Kat was (for lack of a better word) orgasmic!


  1. is that lotus chips? or garlic chips as you mentioned?

    1. You are correct Rose, it's lotus not garlic. Thank you for the correction :))