Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Disneyland Just Got Happier

I was already an adult when I first experienced Disneyland, my brother and his family's first home in the United States was in Katella Avenue, a block away from the world's most famous theme park. Every time I visit Southern California, I'm always asked by my friends where they can take me and I always say - Disneyland! Each time, there's some new ride and Small World never fails to make me sing along.
No matter how serious life gets, you still have that one place where you can be a kid again and be silly with friends, no wonder they call it "the happiest place on earth".

Minnie showing off her dress!

Main Street

Small World

I still found myself singing along with the dolls!

Toon Town


Happy friends! Dennis and Kasia.

Kasia ordered the chicken salad.

Dennis had the chicken sandwich with yummy fries on the side!

I had turkey sandwich that came with fruits!

Goofing with Goofy!

Our day's grand finale!

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