Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Boat Ride

My eldest niece Patricia recently graduated from college and her mother, my sister-in-law Sheilah Marie surprised her with a boat ride in Newport Beach. Sheilah requested all of us to wear something blue that day and she brought blue colored champagne flutes and napkins as well, quite picture perfect I thought. It was a good four hours of cruising in our rented pontoon. We particularly enjoyed the cool summer breeze and seeing the pretty City Ville-like houses lining the shores.
I wish life can be like a boat ride - simple, uncomplicated and always moving forward.

This looks easy..

Girl with the dragon tattoo, my sister-in-law Sheilah mixing drinks.

My brother Jake and my niece Patricia.

My Mom enjoying the breeze.

Patricia's home made brownies.

The old man caught a baby stingray and let it go again.

Posing for the camera, Sheilah's nieces - Kyla and Kelsey.

Coca Cola moment.

A wedding reception on a river boat.

A good view of Newport Beach.

Sunbathing seals.

This looks fun!

Group shot!


  1. We've been quiet visitors on your great blog where you share inspiration and moments that shape one's life. Love the images of your trip, especially the sunbathing seals. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary and may many more opportunities come your way!

    1. Thank you very much Ron and Chris, your comment made my day! God bless!

  2. Very nice blog. Family togetherness are always the most important event in our life, and its a plus to spend it together in a very inspiring place like this. Obviously you really enjoyed your leisure break. You deserved all these gift of wonderful moments with your Mom. More blessings to the Fashion Icon of our time. Mabuhay JCB! Big, big Smile!

    1. Many thanks for your love and support Princess Sol :))