Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fifty Shades of Bravo

Douglas Bravo was my seat mate in college, we were seated in alphabetical order. Douglas stood out in class because he spoke with a Singaporean accent, having lived in Malaysia and Singapore from grade school to high school. But more than the accent, we were amazed with his nostalgic Asian style in interiors. He got perfect grades in perspective drawing.
After graduation and a couple of years working in Manila, he moved with his family to the US and took further studies in Interior Design in New York. Knowing how I love the Big Apple, Douglas would often text about the changing colours of Central Park and his train rides from school while listening to Josh Groban in his disc man.
Today, he shuttles back and fort from his Las Vegas home base to do house interiors for Filipino-Americans who've decided to come back and make the Philippines their home again.
Douglas enjoys tricycle and jeepney rides, savours Filipino buffets, and marvels at our chic hotels and heritage houses. Perhaps, as a Filipino who has lived abroad, he has a better appreciation of the positive changes in our country. Indeed, one has to leave in order to come back, and say - bravo!

Bravo's expert mix of greys

Clean, modern, and functional

Douglas Bravo at work

Celebrating 30 years of friendship with Kathleen and Douglas


  1. JC thanks so much for the write up! It's privilege and honor to have been your classmate and good friend all thru these years.
    You never fail to make my visit home to Manila ever so memorable! This could just beat the time you invited me along to the MalacaƱang to have marienda at the president's private apartment and to meeting Kris at her One Roxas Triangle penthouse!
    Till my next visit Marami Marami salamat klasmet.

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