Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Birthday Blues And Adaline

In the past, feeling blue before my birthday was a convenient excuse I made up so I can eat and drink as much as I want to. This year, my blues were real, age has been catching up on me and I had health issues to deal with. In a span of three weeks, two of my friends lost their mothers, and my master tailor of eighteen years, Mang Roger died four days after having a heat stroke.
I was playing Ronan Keating's version of Won't Last A Day Without You on repeat mode for days, a feel good song that would hopefully lull me out of my melancholia. I didn't plan a big celebration, all I wanted was to hear Mass with my family and eat pizza, my birthday falling on a Sunday.

Saturday before my birthday, a dozen of my closest trooped to Poppins, my weekend hangout, to cheer me at the stroke of midnight.
Monday was dinner at the artsy new place Karnita's Corner with my dear friend Kasia Rei from Los Angeles who's celebrating his birthday two days after me. A joint celebration, we had an intimate group of supermodel friends from our generation, the great photographer Wig Tysmans and his charming wife Carole.
The following Saturday, Jenny Tan hosted a dinner in my honor at her beautiful home with a bunch of our wittiest and funniest friends from art and advertising.

In between all the pocket celebrations and sweet social media greetings, I forgot about my blues. Like in the film The Age Of Adaline, I realise getting old is not bad at all. Growing old with friends and family is the greatest of blessings.

With wine and Forevermore chocolates, these guys waited till midnight to sing me happy birthday, Pam, Francis, Biboy, Erick, Becky, Rey Dinny, Raul, Maryann, Bernard, Miguel, and Joel.

Sunday Mass and pizza with family.

Monday, I celebrated with Kasia Rei at Karnita's Corner, early birds were Wig and Carole Tysmans, and Patty Bettita

Clockwise from top left: Wig Tysmans, Tweetie and Mon Gonzales, Marina Benipayo and Richard Go,
and Den Castillo and Issa Gonzales-Agana

Born one day apart, my dear friend Kasia Rei and I celebrated with the supermodels of our generation,
the great photographer Wig Tysmans and his charming wife Carole.

Thank you very much for hosting dinner, Jenny.

Capping my birthday week with the most artsy (and funniest) group I proudly call my friends! Clockwise from left: Joujou Into, Jenny Tan, and Enrique Munchua, Miguel and Becky Almendras, Marlon Rivera, Ricky Villabona, Ricci Chan, Juan Sarte III, Biboy Arboleda, Jenny, Rey LaƱada, and Maxie Cinco

A timely film for my blues, The Age of Adaline

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