Saturday, March 17, 2012

A House Of Prayer And Healing

I was introduced to real life nuns by a theatre actress playing a nun. My friend Joanna Ampil invited me to a matinee of The Sound Of Music where she plays Maria and there I met Sister Jo. The good Sister from the order of the Religious of the Virgin Mary was Joanna's high school teacher and remains her spiritual counselor to this day.

Sister Jo in between me and Joanna Ampil.

One day, I got a text message from Sister Jo and the privilege of having lunch at their convent and seeing for the first time the compound of the RVM. One always gets a feeling of peace and comfort in a place like this, and indeed, it serves as a retreat house for students, office workers and individuals looking for answers.
I learned that the Chapel of the Assumption is open to the public everyday for Mass at 630 in the morning. Surely something worth waking up for.

Mother Ignacia founded the order of the Religious of the Virgin Mary.

Mother Ignacia's statue at the court yard.

Our Lady of the Assumption Chapel

Our Lady of the Assumption

Betania Retreat House, 214 N. Domingo St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

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