Monday, August 11, 2014

Queenmelo Takes Manhattan

Well known for his genderless style, his larger than life persona and joie de vivre, our dear friend Melo Esguerra is embarking on a new life journey. He has packed his bags for the Big Apple and his vagabond heels are ready to stride. His beautiful friend Julie Boschi hosted an intimate dinner at her lovely home to wish Melo a fond au revoir. No emotional goodbyes, we all know the world is a small village and it's not unlikely that Melo, in pearls and an opera cape will make the grandest of arrivals.

Ciao, Melo!

Fabricio Sordoni, Gimena Solari and Melo Esguerra

Malu Fernandez and the lady of the house Julie Boschi.

An Anglophile, Julie Boschi loves to brighten up corners with little flower arrangements.

Our very efficient waiter for the night, Aris Enriquez. (He's a free lance waiter and server, he can be reached through mobile numbers 0928 7592438 or 0932 8783736 )

Who came to dinner - me, Moira Lang, Gimena Solari, Melo Esguerra, Fabricio Sordoni, Julie Boschi,
Malu Francisco, Camille Mathay and Anton Barretto.