Friday, June 29, 2012

The Masters

I've always admired Dominic Rubio's art, I think he's our modern day Damian Domingo. Usually in National Costume, his subjects reminded me of those paper dolls my classmates played with in grade school. Recently, he collaborated with fashion master Frederick Peralta for a series of romantic titles. Known for his elegant Filipinianas and voluminous ball gowns, Frederick's creations were perfect wardrobe for Rubio's models.
A beautiful marriage of art and fashion.

Art and fashion lovers.

Curtain call, Frederick Peralta and Dominic Rubio.

The piece de resistance.

Newlyweds Ronnie and Luchi Siasoyco bought this beautiful piece called 'Embrace'.

Tim Yap, Tessa Valdes, Michael Carandang and I.

Robby Carmona and Camille Mathay

With the master, Frederick Peralta.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Birthday season starts June, it seems. Almost every weekend there's a birthday celebration and I know it's going to be like this till October.
TV and Film director Dante Nico Garcia who we affectionately call Ga, surprised us with a different kind of celebration. Before we all got tipsy with our Soursop cocktail, he went up to the microphone to formally launch FilipiNow. FilipiNow is his brainchild, it is what he calls the globally relevant Filipino. As a FilipiNow, Ga's pet project  is to build a home for aging artists. He is not asking for donations, mind you. He is building business to create jobs and funding for his dream, and what better way than do what he loves most, the business of doing films.
Bravo, Ga!

FilipiNow, the globally relevant Filipino.

With birthday boy Dante Nico 'Ga' Garcia

Raymund Martelino and Ga

Krist Bansuelo, Angel Jacob and Angel Aquino

Iza Calzado and Pen Medina

Mylene Dizon

Candy Pangilinan

Ricci Chan and Nico Nicomedes

I am a FilipiNow!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Randy's Heart And Home

For the past seven years, fashion designer Randy Ortiz's home has been our party central. His beautifully appointed flat has been witness to big Christmas parties and intimate little dinners. Chic but masculine, elegant yet cozy, modern Italian furniture, accent pieces from Cebu and objets d'art are nonchalantly mixed. Guests feel instantly at home in this treasure-filled abode. Yet I am sure that for Randy, his friends are his biggest treasure.

The foyer

Living room

This coffee table is actually made of steel, not wicker as it looks.

Clean and modern

Randy's pet poodle named after the street where he lives, HV.

De-stress Sunday, Jackie Aquino, Bernard Banares, Vic Barba and Randy.

One of the dining chairs, each design comes in two.

Randy's signature Adobo

Tinolang manok with malunggay leaves

Randy's art-filled room.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Food And Good Company

Where do you bring a visiting friend from the United States who has stopped drinking? I've been thinking for days where to treat Jonathan for dinner, Jops as we fondly call him was my classmate in high school. He's been here in Manila for two weeks already. I figured he's already had his fill of Crispy Pata and Yang Chow, and so I thought of bringing him to Red Garlic in Katipunan, a bistro that serves delightful Asian fusion dishes. It was a good choice, we finished everything we ordered, from their Chili Poppers to the Pizza Trio.
I get to see Jops every two years, when I visit or when he visits. We've gotten rounder and grey, but we still laugh our hearts out like thirteen year old kids.

Red Garlic Bistro Cafe

Leaning glasses

These are my favorite, Santiago Chili Poppers!

Specialty Sushi Rolls

Healthy and yummy Napa Valley Salad

Pizza Trio: 5 Cheese, Aragula and Ilocos Bagnet

Celebrating thirty-four years of friendship with Jonathan!

What was left of the feast!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Karen And Melo Show

EDSA ShangriLa's Italian restaurant Paparazzi's new chef looks like a teenager, they ask for his identification card when he goes to bars. Yesterday, the cherubim-like Chef Roberto whipped up a hearty birthday lunch for my dear friend Melo Esguerra who I first met through Karen Davila. I've always been amazed with Karen and Melo's wit. They are both opinionated people yet they both listen to what others have to say. I really think they should have a talk show together. Joining us late was the equally witty Pepito Albert, quite intimidating to many, he really is a sweetheart.
Our lunch lasted four hours, juicy gossip, fashion history and politics all covered. If it were a talk show, it will definitely rate. Ciao!

Paparazzi, EDSA ShangriLa

Chef Roberto and the birthday celebrator, Melo Esguerra

I love the smell of bread!

Judy Aguilar, Karen Davila and Luc Olivier Marquet

Pepito Albert, Melo Esguerra and I.

Scallops, chorizo, capers and shallots

Mushroom Rissotto

Salmon and asparagus

Chocolate ice cream

Melo's birthday cake!

Soul sisters! Karen and Melo